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I got my first taste of yoga at my University rec. center while I was studying to become an art teacher. As I had tried everything from sports and gymnastics to Tai Kwon Do, I knew I'd finally found a practice that I could devote myself well into my 90s! I started out practicing general Hatha and also Anusara yoga. A few years later I found and grew to love Kundalini yoga as well. But as much as yoga corrected my slumped posture, calmed my over active mind, or filled my soul, I never really saw myself actually becoming a teacher of it.

My path of searching for adventure took me to quite a few different states and countries, but it wasn't until moving to Japan that I really found out how vital it was to me. Those first 2 years were of the darkest, most lonely and challenging of my life. Just as people grab onto yoga after experiencing intense physical injuries, finding it so rehabilitating, I really embraced it while experiencing brutal culture shock, lonliness, and near depression. Yoga showed me that I couldn't just run away, I had to truly face the misery I was going through and somehow transform it. It was then that I promised myself I wouldn't leave Japan until I was happy with my life there.

And that is really where the secret of yoga lies…in bringing your realizations and clarity of your practice into your daily life. It was through doing that that my third and final year in Osaka brought me joy I wouldn't have imagined possible at the time I'd first arrived. I was far too tangled up with cultural and language barriers, with the challenges of attempting to teach English in Japanese schools, and even of how to take the train and buy groceries. Yet, finally, things began to click; my life began to turn around.

Before I knew it, yoga was becoming more and more a part of that turning around process. Opportunities came to teach yoga at the kindergartens and day cares I occasionally worked at. I was invited to teach every other week at the nearby organic veggie shop/restaurant. Soon I even had offers to teach at various studios around the city, even at an all women's hot yoga studio. At first I got by teaching in simple English, especially since almost everyone there wants to learn English. However, it soon became too hard to get my points across. I had to figure out how to explain the postures and their benefits in Japanese (especially in the hot yoga class!). Thus my Japanese study shifted from conversation to yoga and anatomical terminology. Every week, my teacher and I would spend nearly 2 hours preparing me for when I'd be in front of all those students, expected to teach in a foreign language. It was a very invigorating, yet humbling experience I'll never forget.

Needless to say, by studying Japanese through something I was actually passionate about, my ability to communicate and connect with the people around me dramatically improved. Finally I was feeling happy and at home in the land of sushi, sake, and cherry blossoms. By the end of my time there, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Well, if I can teach yoga in Japan, then surely I can teach it in my own country!"

Before returning to the US in 2008, my fiancé and I planned to travel for a few months in South East Asia. I decided to join the Ashtanga Teacher Training that just happened to be held on the lovely island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Thus I happily received my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification!

Now I feel excited, honored, and humbled to guide and encourage others to cultivate awareness and connection within their hearts, bodies and minds. During my time in Japan, especially while teaching yoga, the word "kokoro" was my very favorite. It means heart/mind. My most cherished yoga teacher, Ingrid Ortega never seems to help but bring each student in her class closer to the peace and inspiration within him or herself. It is my highest intention that the students in those classes will have that same experience.

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Inspire Studio is on the 2nd Floor of the grey building that's behind the downtown post office and across the street from the Bellingham Bar and Grill. You can park along the street or at the Bellingham Public Market.

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